Yoga for the uninitiated!

We will be having a team Introduction to Yoga at Moksha Studios, 3863 Rue St. Laurent, on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:30pm. I have spoken with Dina, one of the owners/managers of Moksha Yoga, and she is going to give us a special McGill Cycling discount for the evening. The price is as-yet undetermined, but the regular classes are $15, so I’m hoping it will be $10 or less. Moksha yoga is located just a smoked meat sandwich-throw away from schwartzs, above a big Pharmaprix.

I have been an inconsistent but enthusiastic yoga-goer for two or three years now. It undeniably improves one’s flexibility, balance, and core strength (not to mention leg strength), all things which we as cyclists should be thinking about. There is also a strong focus on concentration and, well, focus, which are also very useful skills in the world of bike riding and racing.

Please sign up here, so I can tell Dina how many people they should expect. THE MORE PEOPLE THAT GO, THE CHEAPER THIS CLASS WILL BE IN THE FUTURE. I would love to see yoga as a semi-regular part of our winter training, and a big turnout would go a long ways towards achieving that.

For those who have never been to yoga, this would be the perfect time to try it, even if you thought you never would. Please bring : Two towels, a BIG water bottle, and shower supplies. Also, if one of your friends has a yoga mat you could borrow, then you won’t have to rent one there.

Moksha Yoga is HOT YOGA, which means that the room itself is heated to 30 or 35 deg. C. It is hot and steamy, and feels like you are doing yoga in India. When it’s -15 out, there is nothing like exercising in a hot, humid environment. One last thing: this class is 1.5 hrs long, and you should get there 30 minutes early, if possible, so we can all get in. These classes do fill up sometimes, and this is not a private class. It will be a serious workout, so don’t go to the gym and do an hour’s worth of squats beforehand. Trust me.

See you there.

man, what is it with everyone scheduling stuff when I have class :frowning:

So what does one wear to do hot yoga? just a tshirt and shorts? sounds fun!! :smiley:

Are non-cyclists welcome?

non-cyclists are welcome, and if they pretend they are cyclists then they might get the discount too. One would wear very fashionable tight yoga pants and a sports bra. or an equally fashionable yoga top. If you are not into the whole “yoga fashion” thing, then shorts and something non-cotton would be just fine. the men rarely wear shirts. I know I don’t, but it does get distracting when the women won’t stop touching my rippling yoga abs.

Thanks for organizing this Ben…it was fun!

bravo to the 6 intrepid cyclists to came to hot yoga for the first time tonight! It was a great class; we all got sweaty and strong, and our minds are calmer. well, at least that’s how I feel. Could those people who went please write their impressions for the rest of the team?

just for the record, this will absolutely be happening again. I think it is terrific cross training, and we get the classes for $10 every time now, which is, in my opinion, totally worth it.

As many of you may know…I’m a sweater. I went through a liter of water about half way through the class. I was pretty ridiculous. But as far the yoga went, it was great. It seemed fairly accessible to newbies, and also fairly advanced for those who were able. A great workout, definitely worth the $10.

Totally agree with Hons. It was really fun and there weren’t any worries about doing things wrong (I know I messed up a lot of poses). The instructor was very helpful, and LOTS of water is definately key. Want to go again for sure. Thanks a lot Ben!

I wasn’t able to go last night but I’m 100% interested and want to attend the next cyclist-yoga session!

Could not make it last week, but definitely will be there next time. Thanks Ben for organizing it!