#1 Weekend Intermediate 100km SATURDAY OCT 13th ride 9am

meet at gates 9 am, we will be going NORTH somewhere TBD

i predict you will go 50km north

Spider-Man is the best superhero of all time.
Nuff said.

Also, it’s a good thing you didn’t set Iron Man as one of the sign-ups.
For those who don’t want to ride outside, they should hop on a Cyclops bike- bazinga.

will this ressemble sunday’s ride this week?

only in the fact that its 100km…

this is the rough plan

go up near Mascouche through the east side of laval.

I sense that this may not be an intermediate ride.

By definition that is

I’m not sure who you think is going to be pushing the pace but I resent any implications that I’m incapable of riding at an intermediate pace.

Dhruv, you’ve ridden with Eric, Mike, and Philippe before… in the hills of Charlevoix, and kicked ass. You got nothing to worry about!

LOL sorry if you thought I was going after you Eric- my comment being posted shortly after you signing up was purely coincidental- honest!! :slight_smile:

At the time I had this ominous feeling that the ride was going to be a smidge faster than intermediate (I was trying to subtely compliment Marie-Soleil, Phil, Mike if you want to look at it like that :stuck_out_tongue: )

I will be there if I don’t end up getting into any shenanigans tonight

Note that the forecast for 9:00AM is 2 degrees

I will certainly not be pushing it I have shenanigans to get up to later :D…
It’s Canada… :smiley: It gets cold in winter.

we will be stopping for a warm beverage.


well…if its an advanced pace in front, it remains intermediate behind :wink: unless there are some hills on the way…which i hope not for today…


thanks for the ride. thanks for the armchair ride home…,