2021 McGill Cycling Kit Order! CLOSED

Its time to get your MCT kit for the 2021 season!
First things first, here is the new design courtesy of @cmoonbike (note the Jersey for sale is the top model shown) :

How to order:

  1. Place your order before 11:59PM on Monday, November, 30th!
  2. Pay for the kit (and shipping if you can’t pick up the kit in Montréal)
  3. Expected delivery to Montreal is early 2021.

If you’d like to get your kit shipped to your door, please let us know your location within the order and we’ll get back to you with the shipping costs, after the order deadline.

Please use the from to place your order…
MCT 2021 Kit Order Form
…and pay the correct amount via:

  1. Credit Card (Be aware that there will be an additional 3.5% surcharge): https://mcgillcycling.com/payments
  2. E-Transfer the appropriate amount to mcgillcycling@gmail.com

Unfortunately there will be no test kits available this year to test out sizing due to COVID restrictions. A detailed size guide is available as well as what is offered on the order form. Additionally in past years we have offered different prices for Team/Club/Community members. As we have not been able to collect membership payments from McGill Athletics, this season everyone will be paying the same price for kit.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Clay or myself with any questions. Can’t wait to see everyone rocking the new kit next year!



Quick follow up to Nick regarding the fit of the kit:

I have tried quite a few brands in the past and here’s a list comparing them sizewise relative to Biemme. Hopefully this will give a bit of a reference in case you already have stuff from these other brands.

For jerseys:

Craft : bigger (compared to biemme)
Rapha: slightly smaller
Gore: about the same
castelli: slightly smaller

The XS is good for me (I’m a pretty average looking 5’8" person), but if you’re skinny like nick, maybe an XXS is the way to go.


assos: smaller
sportful: smaller

basically, for bibs, get a size smaller than what you normally get for other European racing brands.

Again, hope this helps!


Do you know exactly when the delivery to Montreal will be? I will most likely be in Montreal only in January… thanks!

Hi Micheal,

The kit will arrive 5-8 weeks from when we put in the order. The kits should be here in January!

Thanks Nick!

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Hey, I’m an old timer, and I’d like to order a kit & some accessories. On the other hand, I’m now living in Switzerland. If it’s ok to ship there, I’ll pay for shipping no problem. Just let me know and I’ll put in the order.
I hope you guys get to ride out in the spring again and I’m quite glad you’re keeping the club going :smiley:


Hi Jonathan,

Of course we can ship a kit to you! Always great to see that MCT has friends around the world!!

Of course probably a foolish request, but I’ve missed the deadline by one day! Is there any hope for me ordering kit? I’d also like it to be shipped.


Hello! If you place your order today, you’ll still make the cut. We’re sending the order in a few hours, so try and do it as soon as possible!

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Thank you to everyone who ordered kit this year. 2021 Kit orders are now officially CLOSED

Update to all who ordered kit:

Kits were expected to arrive sometime in January but unfortunately, Biemme had to shut down production on their kits over the holidays. Because of this, our new kits are set to arrive in February now. Sorry for any inconveniences!

Hi Ezi!
Unfortunately, we aren’t planning to place a kit order this semester. However, we ordered a few extra jerseys and pairs of bibs, so depending on your size, we might have something available for you. The kit should arrive in February, at which point you can arrange to try on and pick up kit from our inventory. We will make a post when it arrives in Montreal regarding our selection and pick up times!

HI! I’m a faculty member and we have someone in our department who is unfortunately leaving, but I think would appreciate a mcgill branded kit. any chance there are extras or any old stock available to buy as a gift for them?


I see in it this thread that the ordered kits have arrived and they are ready for pickup. Please let us know if there are any spare ones – as visible from the posts here, we are eager to take them! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Hi Marton,

Once everyone has had a chance to pick up their kits, I will be sure to relay with everyone else what we have left in inventory. Expect a post about this sometime early next week.


Hi All,

I have gone through the club’s inventory and this is what remains in stock:

Screenshot (177)

Send us an email to mcgillcycling@gmail.com if interested!

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