2022 Kit Pick-Up Event!

Dear McGill Cyclists (and those who ride with McGill),

The wait is finally over… For those who placed an order for this years McGill Cycling Kit, it has finally arrived for 2022! See details below regarding our first in person event this year being our kit pickup!

This Friday (2/18), arrive at the McGill Architecture studio (815 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C2) around 18:15, not only to pick up your kit, but also for a team dinner potentially with food from Basha, and a chance to chill and catch up with all for a couple of hours! If you cannot make it but ordered your kit, no worries, your kit will be stored away for you to pick up in the future

Message I or any others on club leadership if you have any questions! Should we expect you (i.e. how much food should we order)?

  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • Yes :slight_smile: even though I didn’t order a kit!
  • No :frowning: but I ordered a kit
  • No :frowning:

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Rip, just woke up to a positive test this morning so won’t be there.

No worries! You can pick up the kit another time

Room is 314 Studio 3rd Floor!

Call Nick at 514-442-3188 if you can’t find it

Just joined the forum. Do I still get a chance to buy a kit? Any kits left? Kit in old version is also OK for me. I just want to buy a McGill cycling kit.

Hello Team, I was unfortunately unable to be there on the 18th. Is there any way to still pick up the kit? Thank you

Hi! Just like Paul, I wasn’t able to pick it up last Friday. When is the next pick up time?

I have a small unused kit from a previous year if it’s any use to you.

We are in Europe until May, are you okay to hold onto it until then?

Thanks for your reply. For small size, I am not sure whether it fits me since I am 185cm tall and weigh 85kg.

Hi Marc! I didn’t see the message until today :pensive: When can I pick up next time?

Indeed, unfortunately it would be too small, probably more suited to 60-70kg ish.

Hi Everyone,

Very sorry for the delayed response; we thought we sent out an email to all regarding kick pick up but it was never sent. Moving forward, I’ll be checking the forum more often to be more responsive to you guys :slight_smile:

Anyways, for kit pick up, you all should email Clay Moon. Clay, our kit designer, has all of our kits. You will need to coordinate a time with him when to pick it up, based on his availabilities. His email is moonclay42@gmail.com . If you have any issues or don’t get a response, feel free to follow up with me on this forum post.

That’s all for now; so sorry for the delay for a response regarding this but hopefully we can get the kits to you all soon!