6 gaps

Anyone interested in riding 6 gaps in one of the upcoming weekends? If you don’t know what the ride is, then it is surely not for you. Advanced riders only as this is a 200km ride with about 14000ft of climbing. Let me know if you’re interested. Date will be determined based on everyone’s availability.

Any date other than the 22/23 september

75% up for it

any time.

I’d like to do this. Can it be a 1 day thing?

It can be a one-day thing if you want to wake up at 3am and get back home around 10pm.

lol i’ll see then

29-30 sept works for me

I have class on Friday nights though so wouldn’t be able to leave until 8:45ish if we sleep over and do it on a Saturday.

I’m a maybe.

This coming Sunday? The weather forecast looks good.


On a more serious note. Let’s aim for sept 29-30.

@Jon: if there’s enough people interested on doing it this sunday, I wouldn’t mind doing it twice

A ride so nice, you could do it twice

Might be up for it if its on a saturday.

So I think Saturday would be a good bet. Who would have access to a car and place to crash Friday night?

What time would you be thinking of leaving. As usual, I’m stuck not being able to leave before 8:30pm.

Is this happening?

I’m talking with ben at the moment with the possibility of Sunday

If this gets moved to Thanksgiving weekend, there’s a chance we can crash at my friends place in Vt and that he could pick us up at the end of the 100.

Sunday would be amazing!