9:30 exploring

Thinking I’m going to go exploring messy roads tomorrow morning (9:30am)

will be out as long as the conditions permit

Anyone want to join?

I will likely go out around 4pm, when it should be hottest (-1 in morning, to 10 in PM!)

How are conditions at the F1 track? Has anyone been there recently?

i’m good to ride where do you want to meet?

I might be out later today

i’ll pass by the gates at 9:30

Is anybody still going out in the PM?

i’ll be going around 17:30

Looks like we’re all going at different times, I’ll be at the base of Camillien-Houde at 2pm for some hills.

went out to john A roads were in great condition.

I will be there at around 5pm… Let me know how the conditions are.


Hey nick, couldn’t get on the internet this morning! Hope you had a good ride.