Advanced ride, Saturday Oct 9, ~8:30am

Some guys are meeting west of the city (aronud where the 15 meets the 40 - about a 30min ride from campus) tomorrow morning at 9. They’ll ride to the Mac Campus, do a couple hard laps around the overpasses there, then head back to town.

I’ll be leaving downtown around 8:30a.m. If you want to join then let me know and we’ll figure out a place to meet up before heading over there!

hey Gruber,

I,ll be in Montreal tomorrow and will be able to borrow my dad’s bike. I’ll leave from NDG. Should I meet you on décarie blvd somewhere, or straight at the meeting spot? (where is it exactly?)

Ya where is this meeting spot going to be Exactly?
I’d be down to ride. And If I get Dropped Stupid. well I know my way back.


Mat - meet me on the corner of Decarie and Queen Mary at 8:40
Stephen - feel free to meet me there too. Let me know if you’re meeting us or going straight there.

For the meeting spot, type these coordinates into googlemaps: 45.495842, -73.678973
It’s not as esoteric as this may look though. It’s the Mobilart parking lot, right where Cote de Liesse (rt 520) hits the trans-canada (rt 40) service road. It’s beside an Audi dealership.

Again, let me know if you’re meeting me

i can meet you décarie-queen-marie at 840… if im not there it’s cause i slept in

Me too.

Thanks For the ride. I was following you guys till Boul des Sources and then I got stuck at a light. Hope you guys didn’t wait too Long. I Got lost Trying to find MobliArt and just decided to head back home.

yeah sorry, those guys don’t wait. I don’t like it, but it’s their ride so they decide the rules.

Thanks for coming out! That was a really solid ride. And for the future, they don’t end at Mobilart; everyone just goes their own way once they get to about Cavendish.

That was good riding. Hadn’t had a chance to exercise like that in quite a while.

i don’t mind…