All For One - the Greenedge Movie in Montreal!

The Backstage Pass series about the Greenedge team has a movie! Produced by Dan Jones, it follows the team in their first five years in the WorldTour, and now it has a screening listed in Montreal, for May 23, 7:00PM at the Cineplex on Emery.

I’ll be there, anyone else want to join?

EDIT: there’s only 78 tickets left, hurry!

  • Where’s Froomey?
  • Always keep riding
  • nah

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Do both Always keep riding and Where’s Froomey represent a yah?

This will be cancelled if 20 people don’t buy tickets in the next two days :frowning:

What’s the refund policy if you buy one but they don’t reach the 20??

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I quote the event: “This will not charge your credit card unless event threshold is met.”

Kk, I’ll buy one today

Who else ended up buying a ticket??

@Jordan @adithyalaks and I are planning to meet prior for a pre-viewing pintsky! It starts at 7, so likely meeting somewhere around 6:15, location TBD/A. Also, for anyone interested in joining there are still 54 tickets remaining @ $16/each.

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