(almost) Spring Cleaning

(Jordan Miller42) #1

I need to sell/give away some kit that’s taking over my closets and hopefully something here can be of use to someone at SC this year:

Pearl izumi men’s small bibs and shorts - free (I feel weird charging for them since I got them for free)

Pearl izumi men’s small jersey - free (same reason as above)

Garneau medium jersey (loose fit) - $5

MCT 2017 men’s tor small jersey - small run in the back - $15

MCT 2016 medium “Pelta” - this thing is warrrrrm, good for long SC rides! - $50

Sportful fiandre norain - also great for SC, this is a serious piece of kit, selling since I have long noodles where my arms should be - $120

Specialized Comp road shoes - I’ve done like 25,000km in these, so free