Anyone have the tool for Specialized BOA laces (the new version, not the 2 dot kind)

I need to change some laces on the BOA turny nob thingies.

The tool i need is for the newer version with the star style bolt like in this picture. Note, that the older version uses a bolt with a weird two dot bolt.$Display$

If by “star style bolt”, you mean Torx (that’s what it looks like from pic) I have most of the Torx drive heads.

Hey, i looked into this. Its a T6 torx tool. Pretty small, maybe 2mm?

Thought so. The smallest Torx driver size I have is T8. Anything smaller than T8 is a bit tough to get a hold of.

I’d recommend checking out a Can-Pro tool dealer. They’ve got a much better selection than crappy tire. There is one at 2023 Saint-Laurent below Sherbrooke called Prix Plus. Or something online like iFixit/amazon/ebay.

synergy probably has the boa tool…

I might have this, I’ve got a multi tool with just torx driver heads. It’s got larger ones and smaller ones, i’ll check the size when i get back to my apartment

smallest torn head I have is T9. I couldn’t imagine how small the T6 is, T9 is small enough

It’s 2.3 mm point to point. T1 is .81 mm!!!

Why don’t they just use normal Phillips head. Is Torx like the Windows Vista of screw drivers or something.

@justin, yea it’s really small, like a watch maker’s tool small.

Torx is actually pretty awesome to prevent driver or screw stripping and is much better than anything else for applying precision torque. In most situations its a life saver, I actually wish all torqued bike components were torx but using the easily available sizes.

BOA is probably using them to save $$$ on tool life and so that they can sell you an expensive replacement kit though, bastards. There isn’t any reason to use them on a part like that.