Anyone know any good Chiropractors in Montreal

Just wondering whether somebody would be able to recommend a chiro that they maybe had success with.

I’ve had really good experience at the McGill Sports Medicine clinic, when I’ve hurt myself on four separate occasions. However, they are sports therapists, (plus a doctor), I’m not really sure what the difference is between what they can do and what a chiropractor can do. I just know that they focus mainly on sports injuries/ athletes.

I personally don’t care much for chiropractors but would agree with Ben’s recommendation. The mcgill clinic has an osteopath which I think is like a chiro who doesn’t crack your back.

mcgill health clinic is pretty helpful, they helped me with my shoulder after our dearest adam landed on me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys. I got myself an appointment with one of the physios there. I was just curious about the chiro as I’ve had success with them in the past. I was looking around for a good one in Montreal for down the road.

My ex g/f was an osteopath. Some of the stuff seemed pretty legit but when her and her friends started talking about organ movements and stuff like that I couldn’t take it. Witch doctor bullshit if you ask me.

^Boy, that escalated quickly.

I can’t even tell if that’s a Russian spambot or an english spambot that just can’t write.