Are forums not cool anymore?

I heard a rumour that Gen Zs don’t think that web forums are cool. I also heard that 80% have never had a Big Mac. This can’t be right. Show me the lie.


I’ll hang out with you here, Pete


The lack of photos and videos makes the forum quite confusing to us gen z’s: my eyes don’t like focusing on the small text , which is all black and white, and needing to read and write brings it a bit too close to schoolwork for my liking… but +1 for the emojis, they’re the only thing keeping nausea at bay :raised_hands: :clap: :handshake:

I think it’s called something else in French

But could this discussion of LPP have happened on Tok Tik? I don’t think so:

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I see what you did there.

You’re true blue, Dom. Glad that you “get” it.