This is awesome. Lance on a fixie! scroll down for the video

that can’t be a UCI approved bicycle, and no helmet?


is that lance’s house at the end?

I feel very conflicted about this video. Cool and well shot, but also showcasing characteristically dangerous riding behavior that fixie kids are infamous for.

It’s still exciting to watch. If people want to do stupidly dangerous things for my personal entertainment, why not? It’s even crazier to see a somewhat rational ex-roadie and TdF champ do it…

ex roadie? peter, you didn’t hear about the comeback?

still ex roadie for now. Who knows if hell do it or not. I heard some quotes of Contador saying hed quit Astana if they hired Armstrong. The guy is kinda a dick but he deserves to lead the team after winning all 3 grand tours…

yeah you don’t want the 2 best stage racers on the same team. It just wouldn’t work. Contador vs. Armstrong would be a lot more interesting than Contador with Armstrong anyway. Any guesses on where Contador would end up?

katyusha has the big bucks

Article in LeDevoir reported that Armstrong signed with Astana and Contador declared that he might stay by Armstrong’s side… so the two would be together.

awww boring. I’ll watch tour of Austria next year, then.