Bad news for KOM

Most may already know but I didn’t see anything about this on the forum so here’s the info (the gutting feeling of the cemetery climbs no more… :confused: )

I guess we need an alternate 6th climb- @adithyalaks any ideas?

I’m on it. Will figure it out… I have some devious ideas up my sleeve.

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Gravel! I know a few strong contenders! @Nickkleb also mentioned a steep one by the oratory


Open to suggestions. Please send me the strava segments if you can.

Prior to Ridgewood, could continue west and do Summit and Sunnyside/Bellevue, would be 2 hills similar to houde to replace cemetery and music, both of which are out for the foreseeable future
A bit technical so rain would dampen the experience (to some) but super fun. Only one gnarly corner on the climb

Back in the early days we used to do Mount pleasant, could aways bring it back

We also used to do remembrance, which is a long one, but not that steep so drafting becomes a factor!

Ah all these wonderful ideas to increase the hurt! Love it… Yours truly will most certainly come up with an apt alternative to the cemetery.

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OlmStEad oN ThE grAvEL