Best cold weather shoe covers

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #1

Looking for recommendations for shoe covers. Not for winter, but for those cold 5*C spring and fall days. Would be used for commuting mostly.

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #2

Are you sure you want shoe covers for commuting?
Are you commuting on a racing bike?

I’m a highly experienced winter commuter, but very new to racing in the cold.

For commuting, I love my Blundstone Winter boots, although I wear them well below 5 degrees Celsius.
They don’t look like they would be appropriate for cycling, but they work really well.

As for racing shoe covers, I bought the Castelli Toe Thingy 2.
They work pretty well in preventing the toes from freezing, perhaps not as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

I also bought, for racing, the Men’s Diluvio Pro Shoecover.
After research, I chose the Pro version because they got much better reviews than the regular version.
They work pretty well, but they’re very much of a hassle to put on and off.
I can still get cold though, so I probably need to also wear thicker socks, or get less well ventilated shoes.

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #3

Thanks for all that! These would be a christmas gift for my wife. She rides her road bike with look pedals to work as late into the season as she can (she works for Parc Jean Drapeau so she stops when the bridge closes). As a result I would be looking for something to go over her cycling shoes, which as you mentioned are highly breathable! The toe covers are a good start. I don’t think the racing shoecover, probably go with something a little heavier if I went that route.