Best Cycling Videos

Here’s a fun forum activity; let’s compile a list of our favourite cycling films. These can be full-blown Hollywood productions, or bare-bones documentaries. I’d like to expand my cycling film library, so I’m interested to see what people are watching.

I’ll get the ball rolling here with the classic go-to cycling film, Breaking Away (1979). A kid from small town Indiana is obsessed with italian cycling culture. Notable scenes include Dave (main character) drafting a transport truck at 55 mph, and the evil Team Cinzano sticking a frame pump in his spokes during a race.

Chasing Legends
Documentary following the progress of Team Columbia-HTC throughout the 2009 Tour de France including race footage interspersed with interviews, archive clips and brief history of the Tour.

Link was messed up. Should be Chasing Legends

In b4 that Kevin bacon fixster movie

The Flying Scotsman

Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert : I think this is only in French.

The Triplets of Belleville

American Flyers

+1 American flyers

  • 1 Ghislain Lambert

A Sunday in Hell (Paris-Roubaix 1976).