Biathlon / Cross Country Skiing Winter 2018-19

(Max Maguire) #1

Is anyone keen on cross country skiing and wants to try something AWESOME this winter? I’d love to try a biathlon course at Viking Ski Club (near St Sauver). Problem is that I’m worried they won’t make the minimum class size this winter.

If anyone is interested in combining intense (cross country skate skiing) and zen (rifle shooting) sports, this is for you!

  • Starts in January
  • Around $200 for a 10 week course (plus around $150 annual club membership)
  • Every Saturday
  • I can sort out transport
  • Needs to be able to cross country ski (skate style)
  • No shooting experience necessary

No commitment right now I’m just looking for interested parties.

Note that I didn’t go to McGill, I just know a few people here and I’m a keen 3 season cyclist. If I’m intruding then please let me know and I’ll leave quietly…