Bicycle Storage and Mountain Biking

I’m excited to be a new student at McGill next year. That being said, I’m interested in joining the McGill cycling club. Is there a place where I can safely and securely store my bike? Also, how much Mountain Biking will this club do? I’m more much interested in mountain biking as opposed to road biking.

Is there no safe space to store it where you’re living?

I still live in the US, but I will be living in Rez and assume that we’re not supposed to put bicycles in the dorm rooms.

Glad to hear you’re interested in the club!!
I stayed in Douglas my first year, and although there were bike racks in the basement where students locked their bikes, I just kept mine in my room. I know Nick also kept ~4 bikes in his room (he was in New Res). I think it would be best to plan on keeping it locked in your room, as we unfortunately don’t have storage areas at the McGill gym.

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Def not as many people actively mountain biking compared to road but Nick, me, and a few others do ride mtb. Only issue is that most riding is a good car ride away (Rigaud, Sutton, Bromont, etc.) that being said there are some basic trails on Mount Royal and behind Polytechnique

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Hi Vincent!

Definitely bring your mountain bike! We don’t ride all the time but there is some good mountain biking right in the centre of Montreal (not kidding)