After reading this article i would like to make a few comments (mainly because i have a project i think is stupid and don’t want to work on)

  1. Realistically during a race we hurt ourselves more than anyone else (unless you love falling)
    2)Will shaving your legs/spandex really help you attract a mate?
  2. Genetically speaking, does this mean that eventually cyclists will go extinct?
  3. We don’t use bikes to hit each other.
    5)“But there is less reason to think that human weapons became less destructive as they grew more elaborate, as Dr. Emlen argues is the case with animal weaponry.” … So even if we did hit each other with bikes an old 3 speed is going to hurt a lot more than a top of the line high end carbon bike if it is thrown at you.

I am no scientist, but this clearly shows cycling, from an evolutionary standpoint (if you believe in evolution of course) makes no sense.

If you read this, i’m sorry, you probably just wasted about 2 minutes of your life. Now i’m going back to work on my project. School is dumb, is it summer yet?

Cycling is attractive because its a sign of high status - its also way cooler of a social club than golfing, pffft.

I also don’t thing there is anything natural about strapping 20 lbs word of machine between your legs :stuck_out_tongue:

As a member of both the Golf and Cycling teams here at McGill… I agree with you Jason.

if you want really bad, join the fencing team :lol:

Thats the last thing I need, another sport to spend hundreds of dollars on.

“Now you need a foil (thats a type of fencing sword right?), an electronic vest, a face mask, a back up sword, back up electronics, white suits, extra suits, gloves, shoes, oh yeah, we forgot to tell you about the license that costs 110 dollars a year. oops.”

No, I think my bank account is quite empty enough.

At least it’s not equestrian then you need a horse, a place to keep the horse, food for it, all the riding gear etc etc

People are giving up their horses now because of the economy

My sister does barrel racing and the barns where she has been riding are all going out buissness and shutting down. But that makes me question; Where exactly does one go to “give up” a horse?

(Please note that we have gone from dung beetle evolution, to economics of being a horse owner in only 6 posts. Awesome)

hopefully not the glue factory or the butchers :stuck_out_tongue:

same as a cow that no longer gives milk : bring it to the woods and give it a bullet.

anyway, that’s how i plan my own exit someday… a gift to the wolves

I’m stepping away from this conversation because I can no longer discern the sarcasm from the awkwardness.

Have a nice day. I’m out.

There was an article in the NY Times or on CNN the other day and the Horses go to these adoptive farms, but so many are being given up so a large portion of them end up being euthanized, something like 3-4 a week. It’s sad.

Sorry to have made this topic rather depressing