Bike fit & nutrition session!

Hey everyone,

together with our sponsor Cycle Neron we would like to host a info session on bike fitting & nutrition!
At the same time, you will hear about all the programs, discounts and special offers such as Stages Power meters, bike fitting services, winter tune-ups and discounts on bikes, etc. Cycle Neron offers to McGill cycling.

When: Nov. 14th, 6:30 PM
Where: Cycle Neron (930 Courcelle St, Montreal, QC H4C 3C8)
What: bike fit, nutrition

  • YAAAS!!
  • I don’t care about bike fitting, power meters or discounts
  • I’m interested but not available on the 14th

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They’re offering discounts to us now on bike fitting?! Finally!


I’d love to come if it were a Monday/Wed/Fri or weekend, I finish late on Tuesdays

@CedricCycling tue/wed/thu are the preferred days for Neron. Brian from Neron will be gone after Tuesday next week. And after that I’ll be gone. Next week Tuesday is our best option unless we push until the beginning of December

I have to change my vote, I am no longer avaliable on the 14th. Heading to the Bell Center to watch my Bluejackets lay a whoopin’ on the Canadiens… (Let’s recall this time last year)


Everyone sign up! this will be fun

If you want to come, please also sign up so we can get a feel for how many will show up.

Do we know how late this will end?

[] FelixF Félix Fournier Team Member
November 14

Do we know how late this will end?

Sorry about the message, I messed up on my phone while walking.
It will be max 1:30h.