Bike store recommendations?

(Monika Skonieczny) #1

Hi everyone. I’m a McGill Cycling team alumna (2006-2008) and I’m looking for some advice. Back in the day the team was sponsored by ABC Cycles & Sports Ltee on du Parc which was hands-down the best cycling store for bikes and repair (especially repair). After 85 years, they closed last year due to their building being sold. Can anyone recommend a good bike store? ABC seems to recommend CYCLES RÉGIS; anyone know anything about this store? Any info is much appreciated!

(Mónica Soria Baledón) #2

Hey Monika! Yes, that’s pretty much my preferred bike shop in Montreal (well, Outremont to be precise). They really nail it when it comes to repairs and customer service. But there are other good options in the city such as Cycle Neron and Cycles Gervais Rioux. It depends on your location. There is also Le Club Expresso Bar for bike repairs (it’s not a bike shop but you can buy accessories).

(Monika Skonieczny) #3

Hey Monica,
Thanks for all the info.
I am located in NDG, but our local bike store is quite awful. Side note: yesterday they told my sister who is in the market for a new commuter bike “Oh you don’t really need to come back with someone (i.e. me) for a second opinion, you just need to pick a bike that has a colour you like and go from there”. They are not getting another dime of my money even if I have to drive across town to a different store. Will check out the places you suggested – many thanks again.

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #4

Hi Monika,

I’ll second Monica’s advice.
I’m fond of MEC for their great website, quick delivery, and generous return policy.
I don’t often go their for repairs, but the few times I did, there service was good.

We’re sponsored by Cycle Neron, so you might be able to get a rebate there.
I’m not sure if the rebate applies to alumni, or if the rebate only applies to the one on De Courcelle.
Martin Swiss Cycles is also close to NDG, and the owner has offered a rebate to members of the team.

I find that the quality of the service at most bike store really depends on whose working when you walk in, and their mood, so it’s been hit and miss for me. Generally, I do most repairs myself.

(Mónica Soria Baledón) #5

Wow! That’s definitely not a good sales strategy LOL!

Now, what kind of bike are you and/or your sister looking for exactly? Because the bike stores I and Alexis suggested will have a few options for commuter bikes and accessories but - except for MEC - their main niche is not commuters but road, MTB and CX cyclists.

If this is the case, you’ll be able to find better deals for what you need at other places (or MEC). For example, there are a couple of bike tour companies in the Old Port that every year they sell part of their last year’s inventory (the bikes are in very good condition, some of them almost new) for less than you’d pay in specialty bike shops.

(Pete Watson) #6

Neron has been my go-to shop, no complaints. Plus, if you’re an MCT member (club or team), you get a discount.

(Monika Skonieczny) #7

Hi Alexis;
Thanks for your reply. I agree that the service depends on who you talk to, but generally there is a relationship that is established between an avid cyclist and his/her local bike store. My family and I have spent a lot of money on all sorts of bikes and gear over the past 15 years and I’m looking to support a local, neighbourhood bike store (though I too love MEC for all sorts of cycling and none cycling related things).

Sadly, the days when I had time to do the repairs myself are gone - not enough time! :slight_smile:

I will give Cycle Neron a try - my sister just got a tuneup there last month and was impressed with both the service (they weren’t pushy or try to “up-sell” but gave good advice) and the quality of the adjustment.

Thanks for all the advice everyone.