Bikes at McGill

Would you guys trust leaving your road bikes locked up on campus?

@CedricCycling I wouldn’t, especially overnight but that depends on where exactly you would lock it.

Hard no. Commuter sure but like Felix said, even then I don’t leave it overnight. Anything nice would be too tempting for someone.

@Felix @JeffFaBu I’d be leaving it between my classes, maybe 2h at a time at most. Same situation?

Bruh, bad idea! Better not to chance it with your baby!!
Montreal is known for its high bike theft, and often they’re just shitty bikes. Your’s and like everybody’s on the team would be more incentive for a bike theft because it’d get them more$$

Leave it at your place, it’ll always be safer there! If you like biking to class, consider a commuter bike thats sub 150$ that you won’t miss too much if you lose it!

Have a look:

It’s not how long you’ve left it but if someone finds it appealing enough to spend 2 minutes to steal. Also, remember you’ve got quick release skewers - 5 seconds and your wheels are gone.

I’ll leave it at home :stuck_out_tongue: