Boston Beanpot

Same Deal
April 2,3
TEAM TT!!!, Circuit Race and Criterium
There is a USAC TTT and USCF Crits for 4/5 and P1/2/3 and Open Womens

If demand requires we will have one car stay late for the USCF criteriums but we won’t make everyone wait around because it’s reasonably far away (5 1/2 hours)

Please indicate interest, and if you want to stay for the P1/2/3 Crit

In for P/1/2/3 Criterium

Interested. Still not sure whether I will go to this or Yale.

can’t stay any extra days but im in for the 1/2/3!

I will be there for Sat Circuit race only. I have business in Boston that week and will stretch my stay a day.

Return of the Honz

Return of the Honz[/quote]

Don’t count your chickens yet…

I’m confused because theres a flyer for TUFFS race and Boston Beanpot on this weekend…do you choose one or the other? and I am probably coming.

We will go to both
The MIT events are Saturday, the Tufts events are Sunday

b-boyz, TTT?

Where will the team be staying on the first night? in boston both nights?

Any D-men doing the TTT?

Julien, join the Cmen

TTT in the ECCCCCCC (if its the same as two years ago) allow teammates join a TTT group if they are moving up, (E up to A is okay, but looked at warily) but no member can race in the TTT a group lower.

Also, there may or maynot be a cap on how many people can be in the TTT.

I’m going to guess the cap would be 4?


The weekend should be sick, 12.5km team time trial, 13.5km circuit race and a crit- sooo sick

It seems b-boys will be racing with me? Drew you better get a TT helmet

TTT team must be between three and six riders

Also, the team’s time is based on the third rider to cross the line

If you guys don’t have 6 people signed up I’d be down for some ttt at an epic pace. But there are definitely people faster than I who would get first dibs.