Bromont Sept. 3/4

I’m planning on heading to Bromont either Sept 3 or 4 for downhill. They are open 10am to 5pm now. Anyone plan on going as well? I’ll pitch in for gas, no problem.


man, you missed me when I had all my weekends free earlier this summer. Now I’ve started my own business which is open friday sat sunday, until it gets cold. (or until it runs itself). Are you available at all during the week?

what’s this business you started?

This coming Monday is a holiday so I’m up for Bromont that day as well. Otherwise, weekends work better but I might be able to do a monday or tuesday sometime. Bromont won’t be open during the week though so it’d have to be somewhere else.
Good luck with your business!

Actually, probably going to head up to Bromont for sure on Monday as I need to swap my fork and do some repairs on the bike beforehand… I’ll most likely be taking the bike bus from Martin Swiss.

Hey Sarah,
I don’t have a DH bike but I’d be interested in doing some XC! Perhaps we could be bus buddies? Could you send me more info about the bike bus? I checked the Martin Swiss website but I couldn’t find anything

hey sarah, I am very interested in riding on monday. I also have a large car. Emily is also interesting in coming, so if you want to come with us, PM me your phone number and we can communicate more directly.

Hey ejibb,

Just for your info, here is the webpage for the bike bus sign up:
It’s 40 bucks each day so definitely not super ideal. But perhaps you can also contact Ben to see if he has room for you to come up as well tomorrow. I’ll PM you my phone number so you can contact me as well.