Brossard - Sunday May 2

Who wants to go? I’ll probably bike over Sunday afternoon

Im 75% sure im going

If it isn’t pouring rain I’ll be there too and wouldn’t mind somebody to ride over with, especially if he had matching neuvation carbon wheels…

UPDATE: WIth finals looming I might not make it unless I am tempted by better than currently predicted weather…

Im in

i’m in.

rain or shine, although in the rain i might try and hunt a lift out.

work… boooooooo :frowning:

one of my tubulars got a hole in it, so I’m going to glue on a new one tomorrow
hopefully we can ride in style together

IS anyone riding out that way. When and where are you leaving from.

I have to bail on this race due to a final I have…

Boys, it’s likely gonna rain tomorrow afternoon. If you’re a softie like me and don’t like racing in the rain then come riding with me in the morning (see ‘rides’ section).

Let me know if you plan on coming, otherwise I may very well not show up at all in the morning.

Not going to the crit anymore/…Cracked my frame and I’m not racing on a 25 pound bike.

if it’s raining i’m out too.

Weather looks a lot better. 40% chance of precipitation with less than 1mm expected, which isn’t real rain anyways. Where and when should those riding out meet? 2:00pm at the gates?

I’ll be riding out to the crit.

Rendez-vous at Gates at 2:00 sharp! I think we’ll be taking pont Victoria. That’s open, right everybody?

I’ll be there

I’ll meet you guys at the crit.

We have been blessed by the weather gods
I’ll see you all at 2.
Dont forget your $20 and license