Buy Your UCI License

Hi all!

It should now be possible to register to obtain your race licenses here. When you search for your team, you should see ‘McGill Cycling’ as an option.

If you are under 30, you’ll have to get a ‘Senior’ race license. If you are over 30, you’ll have the option for either a ‘Senior’ or ‘Masters’ license. Senior 1 is equivalent to Cat 1, Senior 2 is for Cat 2, and Senior 3 is for Cat 3 (this is the same for men/women and masters).

You don’t need a UCI license to race the upcoming RGT series! You will however, need a UCI license if you would like to compete in any provincial FQSC race this summer.

If you don’t know French, contact the exec, and we can help you buy your license.

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