If you are interested in joining or have recently joined McGill Cycling make sure to come to our 2017 info meeting this Tuesday to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about McGill Cycling. We’ll talk about how we train, compete, socialize and eat pizza in a collective environment.

Please sign up below if you’re coming

Existing/experienced members are also encouraged to attend!

What: Intro Meeting for New Members
When: Tuesday September 12th, 7-8pm
Where: Arts Building RM W20
What to eat: Free Pizza
Note: Only a meeting, no bikes or bike clothes necessary

  • Ham and Pineapple is Not an Abomination
  • Pepperoni is the Only True Pizza
  • Cheese is the Only Unadulterated Pizza
  • I Only Eat Pizza When I Pay For It

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^^ Vote Honestly BC we will be buying pizza based on the above^^

How can you ask us to choose between Pepperoni and Ham&Pineapple ?!

Has the vegan age of mcgill cycling come to an end?


I was asking myself the same question

Maybe the food preferences will change this year. I had some of this yesterday at the MTL Esprit:

Local (From MTL) and environmentally conscientious!!!

Definitely not vegan though, you gotta kill like 100 crickets to get a bar’s worth.


Yeah I thought about that. Definitely not vegan…

Will cooked these at South Carolina this year, so that’s a hard yes.

shoulda seen SC this year… CHITLINS, PETE. CHITLINS.

Is it ok if I’m very late (like maybe won’t even make it possibly)? I’ve got something from 7:00-7:45 at Schulick.

What a time to be alive

For sure, we can just answer any questions you have after the meeting!

It has come to my attention that vegetarian (i.e. cheese w/meetless toppings) pizza is also desired, does this interest anyone?


Hello William,
I don’t know where I’m supposed to sign up but just in case I just have to respond to this post: I’m coming! I know this is a little late so if there’s no food for me that’s fine. Can’t wait to see you all down there.

    Antonia R.

100% need a veg piz


don’t worry, we will have food for you!

Seeing as how you are buying them I guess you could get all veggie pizza if you want!

Thank you! I’m so excited to meet you all!!

In case anyone missed the meeting last night: here’s all the information you need in the powerpoint!