Canadian RGT Championship Series is BACK!

Who’s ready to RUMBLE???

As you may have seen on social media, like last year some Canadian Universities have banded together to present a 4-weekend collegiate e-racing series. All the information on how you can race and help McGill take the coveted team classification are outlined in the exhaustive technical guide attached below.

CCCA 2022 Information Package.pdf (798.9 KB)

If you are interested in racing, please sign up below so we can begin to gauge numbers. Please also comment your RGT user handle and student status (i.e student or alumni) below so I can forward to the organizer when I submit our roster each weekend.

  • Race 1: Jan 22/23 UTRR
  • Race 2: Feb 12th UOttawa
  • Race 3: March 12th Waterloo
  • Race 4: March 26th/27th Queen’s

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In addition, for those unfamiliar with RGT, it is VERY different than racing on Zwift. If you are interested in racing, I would recommend a few training rides on the RGT platform to get used to the in-game physics. I attached some helpful resources about RGT below.

@cmoonbike has made a collaborative playlist for the club this winter. Feel free to add your favourite tunes to the queue!

That’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or help getting set up.



These are pretty fun, I’ll try to make all of them.

Alumni represent!


Realized that poll is one choice only. Sorry guys! Use this one

  • Race 1 UTRR Jan 22/23
  • Race 2 Ottawa Feb 12
  • Race 3 Waterloo March 12
  • Race 4 Queens March 26/27

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Here are the event links for this weekend. Please remind your teams to select the proper jerseys on RGT (which can be found in the information package), and to add a tag after their name with your school (and alum if applicable). I will let you guys decide what your school tag is!

Saturday, Jan 22 - ITT

Men’s Cat 1:
Men’s Cat 2:
Women’s Open:

Sunday, Jan 23 - Criterium
Men’s Cat 1:
Men’s Cat 2:
Women’s Open:

Magic Road IDs

TT - kAztrGmV9eK3
Criterium - hWqnsdzCps6S

Naming Examples

M.Wong [QU]

M.Wong [QU Alum]

Information Package

Let me know if you have any questions!

How about we’re MC? Take that McMaster

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@PeteW and @alisavas could you forward your RGT username and what category you’ll race this weekend. I’ll submit our roster today?


P. Watson, men’s 1

Thanks Pete. Let’s put our school tag as ‘MCT’

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A. Savas, Men’s 2

I did a test run of RGT yesterday. They’ve updated the app to be standalone, you no longer need the mobile and screen apps.


Thank god they actually grew some braincells and changed it from needing both phone and laptop to use the program

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Loving the MCT spotify playlist. Also:



Also another race this weekend everyone!!

As in this UPCOMING weekend (Feb 12th)

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Here are the event links for this weekend! Please note that anyone racing on Virtual Power will not be counted towards team and individual omniums, as we have discovered the RGT Virtual Power is quite inaccurate - but we still encourage everyone to race.

Saturday, February 12th - RR
Men’s Cat 1:
Men’s Cat 2:
Women’s Open:

In addition to the banging MTC spotify playlist, I highly recommend spinning to the fresh sounds of The Twelves BBC Radio One Essential Mix:

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