Canadian RGT Championship Series!!!

Who’s ready to RUMBLE???

As you may have seen on social media, some Canadian Universities have banded together to present a 4-weekend collegiate e-racing series. All the information on how you can race and help McGill take the coveted team classification are outlined in the exhaustive technical guide attached below.

Virtual Championship Series Information Package (1).pdf (648.5 KB)

If you are interested in racing, please sign up below so we can begin to gauge numbers.

  • Week 1: McGill Home Race
  • Week 2: UofT
  • Week 3: UBC
  • Week 4: Queen’s Championship Weekend

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Can’t wait to see all of you out there!!!

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Looks like I got do start doing a lot more riding to actually get myself into shape :cold_sweat:


Yeehaw!! (I’ll provide alumni drafting services and moral support).


There’s nothing in the rule book that says faculty can’t race :grin:


Probably worthwhile to do some team group rides on RGT to get used to the different physics from zwift. Any idea if we’ll have a chance to test out the courses?


Yes, RGT physics are a little different than Zwift. FYI for everyone in advanced!

There may be some test events beforehand to ensure all the courses have been properly created and I’ll be sure to let everyone know

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This is our squad for the first race weekend! Registration is also now OPEN! You can all register by following the links in the most recent forum post.


Hey Everyone,

Below is the link for the practice event that is happening this Friday at 6pm EST, hosted by UWCC.

Hope to see everyone there,


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So is the whole squad signing up for the same category or each to their own

Hi Bryce,

There’s no pre-determined categories for the team, so sign up for the category you feel best suits you. You can always upgrade a category as well!

Hi all!

As a follow up to some feedback from last weekend, I wanted to share some hopefully helpful information from our friends at the Echelon Racing League about RGT for those who may have encountered some technical difficulties while using the app.