Cannondale R900 for a good price?

Hey guys, I was just up at ABC to pick up some tubes today, and found myself being sized for a 2006 Cannondale R900 (new) that they are trying to get ride of. They were originally selling it for $2000, now its down to $1300.
Carbon fork, Mavic Aksium wheels, with a Campagnolo Veloce gruppo.

what do you all think, is this a smokin deal? (btw, it’s in my size.)

check out the full specs and pics here.

Hey Ben,

If $1300 is in your budget, that’s a good deal. Cannondale makes good bikes, and the component groupo (Campy Veloce) is top top notch!!!

If it feels good, go for it. Ask them to do $1300 tax in, and offer to pay cash.

Or Ben, I might be selling my Ridley Excalibur with my SRAM Rival stuff. It’d be a full carbon bike, 10 spd SRAM groupo. I’d be selling it for around $2000, and the frame would be brand new, never ridden. Its size small with a 54cm top tube which might fit you.

What size is the Cannondale anyways?

the cannondale is a size 50cm, which i guess means the toptube length? They sized me on their little machine, and it said I was between a 50 and a 52cm. The bike definitely felt smaller than any roadbike I have ridden, but of course that is because I have always ridden borrowed bikes that are much too big for me.
I generally ride my mountain bikes on the small side, what is the advantage/disadvantage of leaning towards a slightly smaller bike?

when I had my hands on the flats, it was kind of a surprisingly upright position, compared to what I imagine a roadbike fit should be. (I imagine it to be really stretched out and a little uncomfortable.) it has a 9cm stem, and they said they would switch it out to a 10cm for free if after a week i thought it was too short.

My initial hunch is 52 (with 100 stem), or 54 with shorter stem (80 or so).

How upright are you on the flats? You will be more upright on the flats, but you dont want to be totally upright (ill show you tomorrow night how upright yuou should be on the flats) so as to still really recruit your core and maintain some aerodynamics.

Being too upright is a sign the bike is too short…

we’ll talk tomorrow.

they sat me on the bike on their roller machine thing, and they both thought it looked perfect. either that or they were just trying to get me to buy it, I couldn’t tell. I mean, obviously they know what they are doing, but…

well they know what they’re doing as far as selling a sale bike… we’ll talk tmorrow about it.


you becoming a triathlete? :?

I’m 5’7" and I like a little smaller bike. My Cannondale is a 50 cm(R5000). If you need to try it on a trainer tell me.

congrats on the road bike ben, but you know what this means,

you can’t ride in jeans anymore, so welcome to the wonderful world of spandex!!

on that note,

i bumped into a little store today, on St-Bernard St. in mile-end, and it has all you retro spandex needs. I bought a beautiful Mapei jersey and accompanying shorts i<d been looking for a long time. They have festina jerseys, look, Z ex-professional team, and more all for around $20-30!

I also bought a one-piece criterium racing outfit from espoir-laval for $45 (short and attached upper long-sleeves). If anyone on that team, or planning to join that team wants to take it from me, let me know. It<s seems new, or has been very seldom worn. It fits someone my size or a bit smaller, ideally like calgarymike’s or Taas’ size.

p.s. the store is called

D’un sport a l’autre

sooo cool, je vais la demain!