Carbon Tubulars (Vision, Dura Ace)

(John Danby) #1

I have two sets of wheels which came with some bikes but have been sitting in the corner.

Who wants some race wheels? $260 for each pair, plus actual shipping from California. Willing to accept “best offers”.

Dura Ace C50 7900
Clement LGG
10 speed only, tires seem to be in good shape - I rode these once and everything was fine. That said, tubulars are a commitment, and I’d advise having a pro look at these to confirm before you race.

Vision TC24
Conti Competition
10 speed (11sp or Campy body available, allegedly)
Both tires are not glued well any more, and one has a damaged valve core that probably compromises the whole tire. So these are priced assuming both tires need to be replaced.

As with the SRM, I’d love for these to get used in a race campaign next spring.

A note on 10 speed compatibility - there is, I believe, one 11sp road cassette which will work here, the new 8000 series Ultegra 32 tooth, but that’d require the matching long cage derailleur. I’ve never tested this though, that’s just what I read in literature…