Challenge Cup

Hey guys,

This is a potential way to make some money for the team. I have attached all the info about the Challenge cup below so you can see what it’s all about. If you think you might be interested, let us know. Since this is something that everyone on the official roster does (if you have filled in a form that has been submitted to athletics, you are on the official roster), I want to see if it’s worth it for us to do it --> it sounds like athletics will take out 12$ x the number of people on the official roster from our account, so if there aren’t a ton of people interested, we won’t do it.

Let me know if you have any questions…

Btw they also said that the Queen’s vs. Redmen hockey, Carnival Hockey, the Corey Cup and Fill the Stadium are NOT included in the games you would get free access to.


Team Challenge Cup Info Sheet


  • Competition among teams to support each other by attending each other’s games
  • Free entrance to all Varsity events for all Varsity athletes
  • Opportunity for each team to win a scholarship to their Player’s Fund


  • Mandatory for all Level I and II teams
  • Optional for Club teams, as long as entire team decides to participate
  • 12$ fee per athlete for a Varsity Sticker (to be placed on McGill ID card) and a Red & White Shirt


  • Athletes will receive points by attending Varsity games
  • Points will be tallied and added up at the end of each week
  • Each team will have a specific ratio per player, so that teams with higher number of players will receive less points per tally
    o Each team’s roster shall be divided by the number of players on the team with the highest number of players (football), therefore every team will have an appropriate ratio


  • Prize money will be divided in a 40-30-20-10 split for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams
  • Ex. If 1000 athletes are included then the prize would be $2400, $1800, $1200, and $600
  • These scholarships shall be awarded at the year-end Athletic Gala


  • Reps may pick up stickers and T-shirts at the front desk of the Intercollegiate office
  • It is the athletes’ responsibilities to find either the: ticket seller, concession stand, or clipboard to sign in for the event (depending on the event)
  • The Challenge Cup point tallier shall only be present for the first part of the game
  • Athletes must write their name, team, and signature as well as, show their sticker


  • Athletes may check their teams ranking on the Varsity Council section of the McGill Athletics website on a weekly basis
  • Athletes may also see what games are being played every week on the website

Note – the Bell Centre game or Fill the Stadium shall not be included in this promotion
Note – seats for any events are still on a first come, first serve basis