Cheap cothes

I have quite a bit of clothes I don’t want to take with me to France, some from what I bought from John and some of my own.

  • 1 large adidas knee-long pair of bibs
  • 1 medium long-sleeve jacket
  • 1 medium pair of black bibs
  • 2 medium jerseys
  • 1 medium cycling@mcgill kit from 2010 (bibs almost never worn, they were too small for me)
  • 1 pair brown armwarmers
  • 1 large blue cannondale long-sleeve jacket (warm, relatively rain-proof)
  • 1 medium b-twin kit

All for 30$.


I will take it!

oh guess not haha

Tours are lost by minutes

Ben if you wanted one in particular you can talk to me i guess?

Jocelyn - I see you’ve been learning from Danby on how to price excess bike stuff. $30 dollars for a complete cycling closet - you’re nuts!

Half of it is from John, and I wasn’t going to just take what I wanted and sell the rest for the same price. I had to make it worth it for whoever else was to benefit from his generosity…