[CLOSED] South Carolina- Official Signup

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It’s time to begin taking official signups! If what you’ve seen about South Carolina so far interests you, fill out the questionnaire form linked here, and the poll below to officially confirm your spot at the camp. The deadline to register and fill out the form is January 23.

  • Coming for the riding
  • Coming for the chocolate drink
  • Coming for the drive

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Here are a few more details:

We will leave Montreal the evening of February 28, and return midday on March 8. This means 6 full days of riding in South Carolina!

The tripe fee will be about $350- however it is dependent on the number of participants, so the more people who come, the less it will be for everyone! This fee includes food for the week (excluding snacks and meals bought while riding), transportation from Montreal, and accommodation. Additionally, anyone who can provide a car for us to use will receive a discount of about $250 on their trip fee. Fees will be confirmed and collected after registration closes.

Who Can Come
All experience levels are welcome! We will have beginner, intermediate, and advanced rides leaving from the house each day, so there are options for everyone.

Being just 6 weeks and 4 days away (!) now is the time to ensure you have valid travel documents to get into the United States, a rideable bike, and a killer granola bar recipe. More information can be found on the feeler post, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #2

(Dylan Dalgas) #3


(Nicolas Kleban) #4

GOOD VIBES ONLY @shapiromax

(Max Shapiro) #5

Good vibes are the only vibes allowed

(Pete Watson) #6

I don’t think Will Mazurek charged that much for tripe.

(Dylan Dalgas) #7

See above ^

(Rebecca Bellworthy) #8

(and Dominican rap vibes)

(Rebecca Bellworthy) #9

Someone bring me back some chocolate drink (or any other Laura Lynn classics), but don’t worry about the sweet tea, nor the New Jersey bagels.:sob::sob::sob:

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #10

How about a can of boiled peanuts?

(Max Shapiro) #11

New Jersey bagels are the best bagels

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #12

New Jersey Montreal bagels are the best bagels… I guess autocorrect’s not that bad :wink:

(Nicolas Kleban) #13


Hello SC goers. In MCT trips past we have dabbled in the matching looks game. Vermont 2018 was matching mustaches, SC 2019 was matching mullets, Vermont 2019 was matching goatees and NOW I present the first pitch for SC 2020: Matching frosted tips!! A await your valued opinions (the Joey Fatone goatee option is still on the table for those interested)


(Colin Jacobs) #14

Every time I imagine this it gets better, the mark of a brilliant idea

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #15

But what if, you’re already blonde? Just enquiring on someone’s behalf

(Nicolas Kleban) #16

Leave it to Wikipedia:

“Other variants, such as inverted or “thawed” tips, where dark highlights are applied to the gelled ends of the person’s hair that is otherwise heavily bleached, also exist.”

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #17

So, my only question is… would this be visually significant with helmets on? I guess, we could all be :octopus:, and have our helmets tilted. Frost tips shoving out on top of the forehead? That’s what I call Cat 5…

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #18

@katiebrown for us, I’ll let you choose between 2000’s inspired hair streaks, or the return of blonde rat tails (unless you have something else in mind)

(Katie Brown ) #19

both excellent ideas! have u considered the return of the best trend that 2008 had to offer? the koolaid hair dye technique? the RED dye/fruity beverage could bring some team spirit to the table. think about it.

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #20

only if it’s Laura Lynn brand Kool Aid