Clothing BONANZA

(William Goodfellow) #1

For those who know me, I run an elite development cycling program. Times are tough to find cycling funding in the province right now, the team is unfortunately folding year end. This being said, this is your chance to get your hands on some brand new current year Veloselect Racing Team clothing and some lightly used items. Perfect as some kit to start the year on without investing alot of $.

I have two Speedsuits (1 piece suit BIB SHORT and JERSEY with pockets) new in packaging
1 X small and 1 X medium
You pay 40$ (retail at 245$)

I have an incredible amount of clothing that was used 1 to 2 rides by guest riders of the team. Sizes vary, but all in good condition. Bibshorts and Jerseys.
You pay 5$ (Bib shorts retail for 120$, jerseys for 110$)

They are all the top of the line Lacasse clothing which was the official sponsor of team Veloselect.

Pickup is very simple downtown Montreal. First come, first serve basis. We will be store all the clothing as a central location.

(William Goodfellow) #2

(jose martin españa cuaran) #3

I’m interested and I would like to see them could you give me your phone number and we could meet up @willthespill1

(Leo Tousignant) #4

Also interested, what’s the best way to check out the clothing/contact you ?

(Haley Park) #6

Hi Will, if you have any that would fit S or XS women sizing I would be interested as well

(Wayde Nie) #7

Hi Will, wondering if you still have any remaining? I’ll be in town starting monday and would be interested in mens M , and womens S, if still available by then?

(William Goodfellow) #8

New clothing dump, larger sizes