Cold Setting Steel frameset

Can anyone recommend me a really reliable shop to cold set a steel frame? Preferably someone who even does light frame building.

This is one job I won’t do myself.

All I can say is that I’d suggest you find a steel frame builder to do that for you as they probably have the most amount of experience in this kind of thing and the only person that I know that does steel frame building or at least that I’ve heard is tony and I don’t know him personally.

Someone at the belleville cycle coop told me about him because he builds his own bikes and seems to have built bikes for other messengers.

Other then that, I can’t really suggest anything else. I am sure that there are a few frame builders in Montreal though, just requires a little bit of searching.


That was my default choice but they are all the way on the north shore…


what you need is someone that can braze steel. Some of you guys may remember that I had my old bike crack a seat stay almost 2 years ago. This is a 1970s Reynolds 531 frame. A guy in the materials engineering machine shop (Charles Dolan, I believe) knows a lot about old frames, even if he may not look like it. He helped me solder the seat stay back together and having put another years and at least another 800k on that old frame, there is not a sign of cracking in or around the joint.
See if you can get a hold of him. He might be able to give you a hand.
Hope this helps.

PS: alternative choice in the Montreal area: Marinoni. Not a doubt!

Hey AJ, good to hear from you! How’s the job/life etc?

The frame itself is intact (ie no cracks, etc), the problem is that it’s 126mm rear spaced and I’m fed up of trying to find 126 mm hubs or cobble together something by re-spacing a 130 mm hub or stretching the frame and jamming in a wheel every time. Also crime of crimes but I’d like 10 spd on this thing, I hate the 7 spd down tube friction shifters.

So I basically just need someone who has a frame jig and actually has experience bending out the rear stays, as well as all of the gauges to make sure it’s aligned. It’s a 2mm adjustment on either side so its really peanuts (and I don’t think is a risk for cracking the rear triangle brazes), I just want it done right and properly aligned. I guess Marinoni it is.

I have actually spoken to Charles before though, but for something else. The engineering shops at McGill are also a bit messed up right now because of KIP renovations…

How did you space your old frame btw? You had/have 10 spd ultegra on it right? Was it already at 128 mm or did you bend it out?