Coming up to Montreal to train/race

Hey Guys,
Some of the Stevens Cycling Team members are coming up to Montreal a few days before the McGill race to get some… training done. Where do you recommend we ride (inside or outside of the city, we have a car and would not mind a short drive)

Check the “rides in Montreal” section for a couple tips, for training people usually hit the F1 track which is a 4ish km racecar circuit, or the estacade (can be found as the start of the “St. Remi” route) which is a long (about ten km?) straight empty path built on top of a divider for the waterway

hi there.
my email address is isaac.spingarn (at)
fell asleep for a few.

Hey Issac, you guys can come on over to my house. We will have beer and pizza, and we will see where the night takes us.

2073 Rue St. Urbain, just south (down the hill) from the corner of St. Urbain and sherbrook. Ring the doorbell, we will be around.
phone: 514-433-1240


Anyone else who wants to hang out tonight with our visiting friends call me to find out where we are at.