Compulsory lower back workout and stretching for cyclists

(Matthew Posner ) #1

Watch. Learn. Repeat.

(Nicolas Kleban) #2

@Matt_Pos testify :raised_hands::!!!

(Dylan Dalgas) #3

Thanks for sharing, important no doubt. Let’s get a session or two going down on the dock in SC!

(Matthew Posner ) #4

@DDalgas will try and get a download of this for people to use at leisure in South Carolina!

(Andre Liberati) #5

Did you end up doing this after all ?

(Felix Oestereich) #6

Ohh yes!

(Matthew Posner ) #7

And the photographic evidence ain’t pretty!

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #8

The legacy has continued after SC. Intergrated into our core and yoga workouts…