Covey Hill Jaunt

Hola Folks,

Your own Adithya recommended that I post a message inviting folks to join me for a cycling soiree to Covey Hill and back on Monday, April 15.

I’ll be crossing the border to attend an academic conference at McGill that weekend, and have never cycled in the Canadian hinterlands.

I tend to ride SIG style. In the parlance of the New York Cycle Club, that means riding in a smooth, rotating paceline, where folks scan ahead for potholes and hazards and glide around them smoothly (as opposed to running people into them), and doing the usual safe, considerate stuff (i.e., not halfwheeling, steering into people, stopping short, endangering them, and so on).

This is probably obvious to you folks, but having ridden with a fair share of pothole magnets and people who literally (yes literally) couldn’t avoid rocks the size of footballs, sometimes it has to be said.

(No really. If you’ve ever been put in the hospital by cyclists with the moral awareness and turpitude of infamous American politicians, one becomes a little impatient with inconsiderate and dangerous riders…)

Pace is 20-22 on the flats, depending on wind. Water stops every 30 miles or so.

Feel free to email me at


Ps. Here’s the RWGPS route: