Crossfit Games individual mens event 1 is a bike crit.

Mass start, short technical course, 40 men 200lbs+. oh boy


I’d watch that.

facebook video tomorrow morning! Search crossfit games 2018, they will have a live feed and replays!

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The fact that the guy had to refer to his phone to communicate the uber simple logistics of a crit says it all… #carnage

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just encountered this phenomenon

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Announcers always referring to the front rider as the strongest and the drafting cyclist as weaker

Ramping up the sprint from 2 laps out

Crashes with no contact

Sprinting from the hoods

Shorts, not tights

Still pretty fast through, roughly 40kph


Not much different than Mens D in ECCC


Def impressed by what I just watched…

and later in the day a guy won the Marathon erg with a 1:56.4 split, damn impressive.

I heard them reference a cyclocross race in last year’s event…I’m guessing that would also be worth a watch