Cycle Neron Mega Bike Sale

Looking to buy a new bike for the upcoming season? Well here’s your chance! Cycle Neron is holding its 1st Annual Mega Bike Sale this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5th & 6th at the Montreal Island location (rue de courcelle).

All bikes will be sold at cost, and all accessories and clothing at 50% off! Store hours for the sale are Friday 10am - 8pm; Saturday 9am - 5pm. All sales are final: no layaway’s, returns, refunds or exchanges.

Don’t miss out! Go check it out!


What??? no, right as I’m going home for thanksgiving!!!

I still have a chance!

Sweet. Anyone want to do a ride down there friday afternoon to show us noobies where to go?

I’m taking the metro over there before my bus leaves for home. I’ll be leaving right after my last class to go to neron.

Zach, it’s super easy: just descend atwater as if you were going to Mac campus, but turn right as soon as you go under the bridge and continue for around ten blocks. It’s kinda opposite the Home Depot.

Alright, doesnt sound too bad. Thanks

If it’s anything like the Brossard sale show up BEFORE 10AM otherwise you might miss the really good stuff.