Eastern Conference Championships, October 13 & 14

So the ECCC Easter Conference Championship mountain bike races are just around the corner! There have been some members showing interest, so here is the deal:

If there is enough interest we will be organizing a weekend racing trip. Team members who go will be partially subsidized, but the price will depend on how many people end up going. Race weekends are not usually more than $100, plus race fees.

It is at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire, looks like it will be about a 4.5 hour drive. That being said, we would be leaving as early as possible Friday evening, and get back sometime Sunday night. If you sign up to come please post when you are free to leave Friday night.

The weekend will have the 4 standard ECCC events: XC, dual-slalom on Saturday, and STXC, downhill on Sunday. Also there is a team relay on Sunday! More info here http://collegiatecycling.org/eccc/wiki/uploads/Calendar/20121013-Easterns.pdf . As soon as pre-registration is open I will post the deadline.

Final note: please only signup if you are serious about going. We would like to have a good idea of how many people will be coming before confirmation emails go out next weekend.

Final final note: Mountain biking is sick!!!

Final final final note: Next weekend is thanksgiving, so if you go home then bring your mtb back and come!

Where all my mountain bikers at?

i think roger wanted to do downhill…

ya, i don’t think roger has an american visa…

also, im just gonna throw this out there, but that same weekend is the kingdom trails enduro race. http://www.facebook.com/events/249270101860819/ maybe you guys would rather do that? closer, cheaper, kingdom-yer.
also, highland is only really fun for dh, the xc is pretty boring.

im just saying

I’m still thinking about it. After 50 miles in the mud, both my bottom bracket and headset are frozen. fml

do u need help with that? Or do u guys have the tools to fix em?

Sent out an email, let me know if you did not get it

So it looks like the two of you who want to go, neither of you guys can drive correct? I am not sure what we are going to do about that…

it is a little sad to watch the mountain biking aspect of the team wither up and die.

Yep, had to cancel this weekend

[quote=ben_adler]it is a little sad to watch the mountain biking aspect of the team wither up and die.

pretty much sums it up.

for what its worth… i think mountain biking is totally rad, i’m just a broke motherfucker

good news: mountain bikes are waaay cheaper than road bikes! Brand new you can have one for less than $600!