Eastern Townships Gravel 70-90k W afternoon?

Hi All

I am a new postdoc at McGill from Virginia. The weather looks so good this week I am thinking of taking W afternoon off and driving out to the Eastern Townships to do some version of this ride.

It’s c. 50 miles 4400’ climbing and Gravel Maps says it’s 80-90% gravel. Going to ride at a pace of fun for a c. 3-4 hour ride. I.e. rolling together at conversation pace on the flats, sprinting for some town lines, making your own peace with your own gods/demons on the climbs, and regrouping at the top. Additionally, I am not hellbent on finishing the loop. If we all want to cut short at some point, thats fine.

I can take up to 5 bikes/people (including myself), as long as you are OK with your bike being on hanging hitch mount. Whoever has the most precious bike can take the roof rack. I know it’s last minute, but if anyone is interested, let me know and I’m happy for company.


PS–Be ready for gravel. I carry 2 C02 shots + a mini floor pump (presta only) in my frame bag but make sure you bring at least 2 tubes and C02 (unless you are happy to pump). Even if you are running tubeless, bring tubes. And while we will certainly pace some fuel stops

PPS–do not worry about gas $$$. I am going out whether anyone comes or not.


Can’t come today but I love gravel so next time for sure!