Eastern vs. Southern Ontario Cyclocross - Kingston

Next weekend there is a big cyclocross race in Kingston. Lots of talent will be making the trek from the Southern Ontario and the GTA to race against the fast guys from the Ottawa area.

I am really wanting to make it out to this race since it will be a good chance to race some guys from back home, but since I gave mom’s car back I would need to rent a car or something. It would be nice to get a couple others to make the trip a little more affordable.


Let me know if you’re interested in going. There will probably be some Queen’s people racing so make sure you bring your McGill kit.

yeti van’s going to the championships in sherbrooke next sunday if you want to use that as a plan B

oh, and i have you leg warmers now. ugo passed em on to me. unfortunately my baselayer is gone

So nobody wants to come and race cross but I am still going to rent a car and go to the race!

If anyone wants to come spectate please let me know and you can have a seat in the car. I will even lend you my cowbell