ECCC Interest Post

Hello team!

It’s been 4 years, but this spring we’ll be returning to a few ECCC races. They are a great introduction to road racing, so all abilities are welcome and encouraged to test the waters! Vote in the poll below for race weekends which you would be interested in attending. This is not an official signup, as we’ll have much more detailed posts before each weekend. However, we will be using this post to gauges numbers, and to decide what races to attend!

The goal is to attend at least 2 as a team, but could send groups to more, if there are racers who want to go! To race, you will need a racing license, so now is the perfect time to get one on the FQSC website.

I am excited to be racing with the team again, and am confident we will be able to reclaim our title as “Peep Off” champions, last won in 2019.

  • April 1, 2 (Lewisburg, PA)
  • April 15, 16 (Warwick and Turners Falls, MA)
  • April 22, 23 (Charlotte and Burlington, VT)
  • April 29, 30 (Etna and Hanover, NH)

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More information about the races can be found here.

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How does one become “Peep Off” champion??

the team eats an entire package of peeps the fastest

Perfect, I will incorporate that to my training ahahahah

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EPPP champions (Eastern Peep Peep Peep).


Down to go both days on april 15-16 but can only come saturday for the 29-30, i’d come with my own car ! (Not far yay) :dancer:t3:

Wishy washy on whether I’ll be back in shape to races (ty for the burnout McGill :star_struck:) But could still come come along to cheer on and help with driving, mechanics, soigneur duty. Can also help in providing bike racks if extra are needed beyond what the club has (2" hitch mount or trunk).

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