ECCC Mountain Bike Interest Post

Hi All,

For those who do not know who I am, my name is Marc Ransom, I am currently VP Finance and was VP Events last year for the club. I plan to be at most TPR rides this fall.

Anyways, I recently went to an ECCC mountain bike race in Vermont last weekend. It was a blast, and there were many schools there from the US, some drove up to 10 hours to the event, and it was only two hours from Montreal.

That being said, while the season is half over and I doubt we would organize an official trip to one of these race weekends this fall, I want to poll the audience here and even see if there is interest in these types of events, as McGill Cycling is mostly road-focused. Take a look at this link if you are interested, they have XC, downhill, short-track, and dual slalom disciplines:

Even if there is interest and we do not organize an official trip, groups may be able to go on their own (self-organized) and join others from McGill (if present). Feel free to reply to this forum post or message me directly if you have any questions. For now, please participate in the poll below so I can see if there is opportunity for McGill to have a presence at ECCC mountain bike races:

  • I only ride on roads
  • I am interested in mountain bike racing, but don’t have the right bike
  • I am interested in mountain bike racing, and have a mountain bike

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