ECCC Race?

Hello everyone!!

For those who weren’t aware, the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, hosted in Vermont/New York/ Pennsylvania etc. is happening in person this year. While we can’t travel there as “McGill Cycling”, there’s nothing stopping a group of friends from showing up to some of the races.

If I were to rent a car and AirBNB and go to the race hosted in Hanover at Dartmouth, would anyone be interested in tagging along? The plan would be to leave Friday April 15, go to Olive Garden for dinner, race the crit on Saturday, and the road race on Sunday before heading back to Montreal.

There would be room for 5, maybe 6 people to join (unless another car were to be rented…) and it would cost probably around $100-$150 ish per person (as the upper limit). If this is something you’d be interested in, vote in the poll below so I can start nailing down a plan!

  • YES I want to be part of the best weekend of the year
  • Need more information (MAYBE)
  • NO I hate fun

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So up for this!

As an alumni, can I enter?

The Dartmouth crit is the best ECCC race, imho.


Everyone who CAN make this, should GO!!!

While I’m really out of shape/haven’t been training or really riding since mid February, I’d be happy with pulling through with soigneur/mechanic duty (including espresso machine and grinder obviously)

Scratch that, just realized that my passport is expired and doubt I’d have it renewed in time.

I’m down!!!

Just saw on ECCC insta that road race is cancelled. This still on?

That’s just for this weekends race, I believe

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