EMERGENCY: Riders needed for the 12 hrs of McGill!

I need people to volunteer for blocks of time on Wednesday, Sept 2nd, anytime from 9am to 9 pm.
Please sign up for when you are availabe. Come wearing your McGill kit, and if you don’t have one, you can borrow a jersey! Even non-McGill riders who want to help promote us are welcome. Help us get more members!

I will be there all day. If anyone has a bike stand for me to put a bicycle in to display bikes to the world, might I be able to borrow it?

I’ll try to help out when I can ben, this is a bad time for me right now for a number of reasons though :?

I have class until five. I’ll come after that.

i only have one class, from 130-230, so basically i guess i can do 11 hours of mcgill… not really. i will be there in the morning, and as much as i’m needed after that!! i love riding through campus, screaming, and cheering, and pissing sleepy students off in the morning!

i have class from 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-2:30, but i’ll be there.

perfect, thanks guys, and don’t forget to wear your McGill Cycling best! But we still need more people!

I might be able to be there in the morning but gotta confirm if I have a tutorial or not…

I can be there in the morning and into the afternoon, but have class at 2.30 til evening. Will people be there so I can leave my bike watched (and chained up) in between shifts?

yes, someone will be at the table the whole time.

I can help out after (finishing @ 4:00 pm) work as I am rather close to mcgill if you need more volunteers to give a hand with managing the event or making sure everything goes smoothly.

As for riding around, Idont think I can do that because I only have my track bike left and as much as I know I’m capable of controling speed and what not I dont think it would portray the right image for mcgill (riding a bike with no brakes that is, all other safty measures are covered).

I have a Tacx Cycle Trainer if that does the trick ( I know you wanted a stand but thats the closest I could offer). If that works for you just tell me here or send me a PM, I will be at todays sprints and can drop it off where ever tonight.

hey kevin, that’s a good idea with the trainer. I actually have one too, but I didn’t think to use it. I wonder if my downhill bike will fit it there…
It’s true, riding brakeless in a group is not something we advocate, but yeah, come over and hang out with us, and someone might let you borrow a bike for a few laps. I’ll probably have a mountain bike that you could ride…


Well I did some snooping around to see anyone I work with has the day off tommorow and am trying to swap hours with them since I wasnt going to do much on my day of anyones and it will require me to be down town at some point so may as well make it a fun day and possible help out for the entire 12 hours.

As for the trainer, I am pretty sure it will work, I did a little DIY work on the bike trainer which allows a wider range of bikes to be attached. It also reminds me I have access to a smaller giant road bike which I can drag along if you want people to try and stuff.

Just throwing in ideas :smiley:

I have class from 10:35 to 11:25, 12:35 to 1:25…
I guess I’ll be there the whole day except the 2 hrs mentioned above :smiley:

I’ll be there at 9, but will probably leave after an hour or so. I’ve been waiting all summer for the thesis to write itself, but it looks like I’ll actually need to put in some effort.

geese… had i read this before leaving this morning…
I have my vintage bike with me today but unfortunately i dont have a full kit. would of been nice to bust out the mcgill wool jerseys…

Im staying downtown tonight so ill be without this stuff tomorrow either.

Ill see if i can drop by for a few hours tomorrow though.

Im quite flexible. let me know when there is a lack of ppl


I’ll be around as soon as I get my shot off.

I won’t be able to ride around campus either - My bike hasn’t got pedals yet…


If you bring your bike I can fit my spare set of SPD pedals on your bike or snatch a pair of an other bike in my house, I think I have a paire of flats with toe clips.

I am also confirming I will be there all day, may drop by future shop at some point to “discuss” some issues I’ve been haveing with some electronics but thats a small break :smiley:

I guess I could bring it. I have SPD-SL cleats though :confused:
As a last resort, I do have some regular, city pedals. But that’s not very…impressive, is it ?