Enhancement for your active life?

How about this one? Compressed oxygen. Not for airplane safety. For bike riders.


I’d sure love to hear the Honsberger analysis of this one.

Don’t POD and DRIVE!

We need oxygen to live,

living is addicitve,

therefore: oxygen is addicitve.

Totaly useless but I guess people will sell anything to make money.

A breathe of regular air is constituted of about 21% of oxygen (right???) and our lungs can’t even take in all of that 21%. Let’s say your lungs take in (quantities are just a guess, here…) 100 grams of oxygen in an inhalation and that they exhale 25 grams out of that 100… Well, wouldn’t taking in more oxygen in one breathe simply mean exhaling more unused oxygen? If you inhale, say 1000 grams of oxygen in one breathe, wouldn’t that mean that you would exhale 925 grams?

I mean, it’s a simplistic way to put it, I’m sure our cardiovascular functions are a lot more complex, but I’d be curious to see if a knowledgeable person would confirm my theory.

Also I’m pretty sure that product would have a perverse effect. If your body gets used to an oxygen-rich puff of air every time it is in oxygen debt, wouldn’t it adapt into becoming dependent on these shots?

Isn’t that the point? Addictive products sell well.

Air is about 78% nitrogen and 21% by volume. The rest of your theory is wrong though

I’m not a med student but what I understand about oxygen absorption is that is essentially a chemical kinetics process and its thus governed by the relative concentrations of the gases and pressure, temperature, etc.

While you can’t extract all of the oxygen in a single breath, the amount of oxygen you do absorb goes up with the relative concentration of oxygen in the breathing gas. So the more oxygen the better until the partial pressure of it exceeds the safe limit at those ambient conditions (hence why deep diving breathing gases have less than 21% of oxygen by volume).

Keep in mind people with respiratory problems are also put on higher than normal oxygen concentrations.

I understand that the optimal breathing gas for athletics is actually a helium oxygen mix. Although I think the helium just enhances the gasdynamic performance of the lung so breathing is easier but it doesn’t do anything for absorption.

I suspect you would actually get acclimatized to the crutch of the oxygen boost though, the big fad in comp cycling has actually been to sleep and train in altitude tents that simulate high altitude (oxygen deprived) conditions so that operating in normal atmosphere is like being supercharged.

Like these:

This post brought to you by a very nerdy engineer™ :oops:

I think next year we should raise fees by $4000 and then every MCT cyclist can have their own tent, and Harvard will be eating our dust! (well, they do anyways)

why $4000 when for only $645:


I have just requested an information brochure, to be able to compare quality and price, because we’re on such a tight budget. As soon as i receive it through the mail, i can bring it to an exec meeting so we may discuss our options.


i have a tent (only used it once, long story)

but let me know if ever you would be interested in using it ---- I could probably rent it out for a while!


Back when the MCT forum used to tackle the big issues.

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Next year’s training camp location: https://syncrosfera.com/hotel-in-denia/

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Come for the hypoxia, stay for the gains.

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