Enormous amount of men's size medium kit

If you need clothing, please let me know, I have an enormous amount of clothing such as jackets, gloves, bib shorts, jerseys, speedsuits with pockets, socks that I am looking to offload


Hello William,

I’d potentially be interested in your jackets, bib shorts, jerseys, and speed suits. Would you mind outlining what you have in terms of these items and their respective prices? Thanks.

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Hi Will,

I’m a McGill alum interested in some large kit. Could you let me know if there’s anything available?



Hi Alex

Sure, I might have some items. Could you send me your contact info via email so I can send you some photos. Also, include your approx height and weight as sizing varies from brand to brand.


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Hey William,

I would be interested in getting some jerseys and bib shorts. How can I get in touch with you to discuss what you have and the price?



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Please text me at 438 379 3059


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Hi Will, can you send me pics as well? small/medium sizes bib shorts/jerseys

greetings to you, by any chance do you still have jacket or sweater size large

sure, text me @ 438 379 3059

Anything you still have left to sell I’d love to see: I’m still rocking my summer gear from Texas and it’s gettin chilleh

Hello, I’m also a McGill Alumni (class of 09), is there any pictures of the McGill Cycling kit, and is it available to order?